Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sara and Tom Visit The Abacos

Sara and Tom are now visiting us in the Abacos.  The kids love having their Aunt and Uncle here.
After we picked up Sara and Tom from Treasure Cay we sailed up north to Powell Cay.  Powell Cay is uninhabited so we had our pick of beaches and places to snorkel.
Nicholas and Samantha are becoming more adventuresome with their snorkels and are going out to deeper water with Sara and Tom.
I love being able to snorkel as a whole family.  That is my rose for our trip so far. 
We stayed a couple of days near Powell Cay then worked our way back to White Sound to drop Sara and Tom off at the Green Turtle Club.
Sara and Tom are going scuba diving while the kids are swimming in the pool where they are staying.  We have taken a mooring in White Sound just near the Club mostly due to the poor holding here and the big wind expected today and tomorrow.  Better weather is expected near the end of the week. 

Seems to be the start of the rainy season.
Funnel cloud behind us as we left Green Turtle Cay.

Sara sitting with Captain Windy Pants and Captain Lovely Hair.

Samantha and Tom enjoying the upper cruising deck.

2 Shorty's Takeaway Restaurant is my new favorite spot to eat in New Plymouth.

The narrow streets in New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay.

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