Friday, June 24, 2016

Back to the States

After spending a few more days enjoying the Bahamas a weather window presented itself so we decided to ride it back to the States.
Excited to be back, we arrived at the St. Augustine inlet in the dark.  We decided to heave to until first light. Our decision saved us from running aground.  The buoys off the coast were not lit.

The spending spree began.  Not only boat parts but clothes and shoes for growing kids and replacement items for things that were broken or close to it. 
We visited with friends Charlie and Judy that we met from the very beginning of our trip in 2012 and met up with S/V MadSam.
The kids love this park in St Augustine!

We worked our way up the coast along the intra-coastal and along the Atlantic where we visited some of our favorite spots along the way.

Kingsley Plantation 

Carolina Beach with Britt's Donuts🍩

Cape Lookout

Oriental, NC where we met up with S/V What Next?

Norfolk, VA

Currently we have worked out way up the Potomac and anchored in the heart of Washington D.C.!

Everything to see and do is so close.  We met up with friends from S/V Quartet now land based here in Arlington so have instant tour guides when needed. 

It is a bit overwhelming but it is nice we can take our time. 
So far we made it through 1/4 of the National Air and Space Museum and most of the National Museum of the American Indian.
Samantha and Nicholas are buried under their faux igloo they built.  

We have lots more to see.