Monday, September 8, 2014

Play Time and Work Time in the Keys

Well a month has gone by since our last post and it seems like just last week.  But, a lot has happened since then...
We have been to the beach a few times while Paul heads out and spear fishes. 
A night out on the town. (Kissie faces) 
More beach fun with our boat family friends on Orenda, MadSam, and Airbess.
The kids trying out school on land.  They love it!
More work on the deck boxes.  More pictures to come when finally complete.
Eating fresh fish while rafted up with Orenda.

Boarded by the local pirates that actually give out treasure!

Paul will begin work as a builder across the street from the marina.  Yea! for more money in the kitty.  
The list of boat projects continues but also some get crossed off the list (well maybe that is just wishful thinking).
The sewing machine is working great again so the genoa will be getting some attention soon. 
The aft head holding tank started to leak again ( a lot of stink!!!!)  so that is being addressed.  
Deck boxes and a new holding tank with stitch and glue.  Hmmm... Paul says it will work :)
New fabric for the interior cushions that are tearing apart (and not even at the seams).
We will post more soon as these projects and more are going through the stages of completion. 
In the meantime we try to get play time in so we still feel like we are cruising even though we are stationary for the time being.