Sunday, November 2, 2014

October in the Keys

Another month flew by here in Marathon, FL.  The kids are enjoying school and playing soccer on the weekends.  Of course I (Staci) can’t say no so I am the soccer coach for their team.  It has been interesting, frustrating and rewarding.  

The holding tank Paul built is amazing and working flawlessly.  Everything else on the boat has been holding steady, no repairs needed.  In the meantime we have found new renters for our place back in Colorado and life is getting back on track.  

I am still working at the hospital in patient and out patient.  They are grateful to have the help especially now that the snow birds are flocking down.  Paul found work building Marathon’s Oversea’s Liquors across the street from the marina.  They are flexible with his hours and the kids school schedule.  The kids school is right next to Paul’s work, so all is within walking distance.  Both kids have straight A’s in school and are reading and doing math way above their grade level.  I attribute this to the homeschooling and can’t wait to get back to home school again. 

Now, about Marathon.  This is a small community with a major thoroughfare going through it.  Everyone passes through here on their way to Key West, the most southern part of the United States.  Strange things happen here in Marathon.  Some call it Keys Disease.  Paul is the one who gets to experience most of the craziness.  Here is a great example.  Yesterday the cable company (nationally known so will remain nameless) came to install cable to the building.  They needed to get the cable over the building so one of the workers pulled out a big black case out of the van.  Paul was waiting to see what kind of cool tool they were going to work with.  They worker pulled out a large bow and arrow.  They other worker proceeded to tape the cable onto the arrow.  The first attempt the worker pulled the bow back, set the arrow and the arrow fell out.  Second attempt the worker pulled the bow back and the arrow flew through the air but left the cable behind.  The arrow flew through the air towards Keys Fisheries Restaurant and Marina.  We still don’t know where that arrow landed.  The two workers quickly put away the bow and arrow and put their tools away and haven’t been seen since the incident.  There will be more to this story later I’m sure but suffice it to say this is how everything works down here.  

It has been tough to watch some of our other boating friends continue their cruise through the Caribbean but we know we will be there soon enough.  
Paul hard at work

Nicholas as a spy

Samantha as Frankie Stein (the daughter of Frankenstein.

The team Super Stars.  

Nicholas is matching the twins in the harbor.

Samantha's birthday was lots of fun for everyone.

Awards for straight A's and excelling in reading. 

Pumpkin carving put on by the marina. 

Happy Halloween!