Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big Storm

A couple of days ago we were hit by lightning.  The past couple of days have been overcast and cloudy.  A few thunderstorms passed us by and I found a few more leaks in the boat.  The day of the big storm it started out calm with the sun almost peaking through.  The first thing we noticed was rain, then the wind started.  The boat started to be pushed sideways as if we were under sail and heeled over.  That is when we realized we were starting to drag anchor.  
Paul went up to start the engine to keep our position during the storm and the lightning started.  The first few strikes were near us but not direct until the middle of the storm our mast was hit.  We don't think it was a direct hit as the boat did not start to sink but our wind instrument started to go crazy.
Other casualties found later were a burned up anchor light and of all things our handheld VHF.  

Everyone is safe and we are still sailing.  Whew!

Nicholas wanted to go for a walk in the rain.  He lasted about 2 minutes in the dinghy then decided to come back.

After the storm.  A beautiful sunset.
Red sky at night sailors delight.

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