Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hope Town to Marsh Habour to Man-O-War Cay

Hope Town was definitely one of the most beautiful settlements we have been to yet.  We found a nice park for the kids to play.  From there we decided to try and go snorkeling at Mermaid reef.
We sailed off the anchor without needing to start the engine.  Still under sail we accidentally dropped the handle that works the windlass overboard.  Even though I tried to quickly mark the "man over board" on our GPS and luff the mainsail at the same time, the handle is still missing.
Note to self: Practice Man Over Board Drills :)
Paul snorkeled around for about an hour with no luck.  The kids like to think some nice fish live near it in the deep sea of Abaco (about 15 feet of water).
So now Paul gets the extra workout of lifting the anchor by hand and dropping it with the screw driver in the windlass.
We decided to get into the dinghy and go snorkeling anyway.  After getting all set to go, dressed, gear and all.  The kids decide it is too wavy.
Well, that is how it goes with kids.  Maybe next time.

This event of loosing our handle brought us back to Marsh Harbour where we then attended a "rake 'n Scrape".  We went to Snappa's and saw Matherson Cooper perform.  I am amazed at what sounds come from and old saw and dull knife to Bahamian music.  The kids danced around and loved looking at all the mounted fish and crabs at the restaurant.  Our big joke of the evening was the big white crab mounted on the wall being the one who attacked Mommy in the water.

We now have a make shift handle so Paul has an easier life with the anchor.  From Marsh Habour we sailed to Man-O-War Cay.  This is also an amazingly clean and well taken care of settlement.  I had a chance to speak to a few of the locals and had some fresh Conch salad made right there on the beach.  The cay is about 2 miles long and about 1/4 mile wide.  Everyone there is related to one another in some way or another. Pretty amazing life here in paradise.

Today we are now staying at Great Guana Cay where we will hopefully visit Nippers and Grabbers.  This is the home of the Guana Grabber drink similar to the Goombay Smash from Georgetown.  Can't wait to try the new one out.  Good think I am not driving.

Something I have noticed are a lot of restaurants ending in "ers".  Maybe it is a prerequisite for pub ownership.

Anyway more soon.
Nick and Sam in front of a cool painted wall in Marsh Habour

Spring time on Man-O-War Cay

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  1. I love all of your photos and the precious photos of the children.
    We are bareboating a powercat in 2 weeks in the Abaco's. We can't wait - it's our first time there we usually do the BVI's. When you are in the water walking and not snorkeling do you need water shoes or is it pretty clean? Thanks for your help.


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