Monday, May 13, 2013

George Town to Galliot Cut

We finally have a good internet connection so we can catch up on our blog posts.

The Family Island Regatta races were a lot of fun to watch and there was a lot of good local food for the event. Quinn arrived on the final day of racing and we went into town in the afternoon for dinner and to watch the police band parade.
We left early the next morning (April 28) and sailed north toward Galliot cut. Quinn's first day of open ocean sailing was a good one.He steered the boat most of the way.  There was the perfect breeze and seas were about 4'-6'. We caught a nice Mahi-Mahi about an hour before reaching port and had a great dinner.
The next day we sailed on to Staniel Cay and went out to dinner at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club where the nurse sharks are  right under the dock. There were some fishermen cleaning their catch and the sharks were feeding actively.
We continued working our way north toward Nassau and had great sailing weather most of the time. Quinn found a nice piece of driftwood on an island at Warderick Wells and I carved our names into it so we could place it on Boo-Boo Hill.
When we got to Norman's Cay we launched the dinghy to dive on the airplane wreck there but Quinn chickened out because the wreck is in an open area. Fortunately our 6 year old daughter was able to tell him all about it after she dove. Ha Ha.
We made it back to Nassau on Sunday,May 5th and Q left the following afternoon.
It's  difficult to recap a visit from Quinn and do it justice but we can say that it was classic and we loved having him and it went by too quickly.


Captain Chrome

Our neighbors in Hog Cay out for a happy hour joy ride

On a mooring in Warderick Wells

Placing the sign on Boo-Boo Hill

Johnny Depp's Island, allegedly
My beautiful ladies

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are having a fabulous time. Keep up with the updates; I love living vicariously through you.


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