Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nassau to the Abacos

After saying goodbye to Quinn we filled our water tanks and got everything in order to sail up to Rose Island to spend two days. I (Paul) went kayak fishing and caught two barracuda and a Nassau grouper. We didn't keep them to eat. The barracuda can have ciguatera poison in them once they get over 5 pounds and it was the grouper's lucky day. Rose Island is only 5 miles from Nassau but it feels like an out island. 

From there we sailed to The Current which is a settlement near a cut onto the Bahama Bank just south west of Eleuthera. I went ashore in the kayak after we anchored and walked into town.  There wasn't much going on so we just did school the next morning and moved up to Spanish Wells.

Spanish Wells is a nice settlement. Very clean and well maintained.  We walked around and did a little food shopping, then moved the boat out to a smaller island and made water for a few hours.

The next morning we got up early, listened to Chris Parker's weather and left for Little Harbour, Abaco. It was a nice motorsail with light winds and small seas. We caught a big Mahi-Mahi just before getting to port. 

We have since been working our way up through the Abacos heading to Green Turtle Cay to meet my sister, Sara, and brother-in -law, Tom, on the 26th.

The Abacos are very different than the other islands of the Bahamas. They are much more resort like and Americanized. 

Both Hopetown and Marsh Harbour are very nice and clean with anything you need available.

Hopetown Lighthouse

Mother's Day Lunch in Hopetown

Walking around Hopetown

A snapper we caught on the way to Current

Mahi Mahi on the way to Little Harbour

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  1. I don't know how you each managed to get a mini-me, but the kids are spitting images of both of you.


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