Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Guana Cay

We had a great time visiting Great Guana.  Paul and I both finally got on land for a short run, finally some exercise.  The streets are just big enough for a small car but mostly people travel with golf carts.  We visited the two famous Bar and Grilles.  Both are very colorful and have a pool on site for guests.  I finally got to try a Guana Grabber.  It was delicious and worth the $8.00 :)
Cool painted backhoe, otherwise known as "mano"

Poisonwood is similar to poison oak or poison ivy

Gum-elemi or gumbo limbo is the only known cure for the poisonwood

Nippers with a cool pool

This is game where there is a metal ring that you attempt to swing onto a hook before  your opponent 

The kids enjoyed the pool

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  1. Thanks for posting the video. It was so great to see you all in action and looking so well. We miss you! Love, eileen


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