Sunday, December 2, 2012

St. Augustine, FL

We had a short journey from Sisters Creek to here with minimal wind but a good current to help us along.  We stayed the night next to the Bridge of Lions and then the next day came to Xynides Boat Yard to have the boat hauled for some long needed work.
The main reason is to re-do the bottom paint which we would have done prior to the start of our trip but wanted to get south before the weather got to cold and they closed the Erie Canal.
Misson Accomplished!
Other things we will do here are outfit the boat so we will be come more self sufficient.
Paul is going to build us a big dingy so we can get around easier and more comfortably.  We are going to get solar panels, a wind generator, build a water maker and a few other details like getting a new toilet for our head in the aft of the boat.
In the meantime we plan to enjoy the holiday season here in St. Augustine taking all the Christmas activities we can.

 The bottom paint is needed but especially here where it is white.  That must be from the times we ran aground.  Oops!

 The ladder on the back was the only was on and off the boat for now.
 This is our newest addition, the little Christmas Tree.
 It is fantastic to travel with a builder.  Everyone in the boat yard was amazed at Paul's ability to build a ladder the same day the boat was hauled.
Much safer for the kids and all of us.

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  1. Paul looks like Bob did when he scraped the bottom of Janie B only he was black! So glad you are doing fine. I am starting not to worry so much about you as you seem to be doing fine.



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