Saturday, December 29, 2012

Maiden Voyage of the Dinghy

The family has pretty much decided to call the dinghy Shambi.  Today Paul put it in the water and we broke in the new engine.  The dinghy has so much more room and feels very comfortable for longer distances.  We have room to bring a lot with us or a lot back with us.  Whatever we may need.

We do need to figure out a way to get it up into the davits without scratching up the back of Shambala or damaging Shambi.

Tomorrow should be good weather for painting the dinghy and then we can do some more problem solving.

Paul is working hard tonight cleaning up his tools on the inside of the boat and may get to build a shelf for another water bladder to give us more water carrying capacity.

It Floats.

Ta Da!

Two young travelers are attempting to wait patiently while the engine idles for 10 minutes.  This is what was recommended to break the engine in.  You only get to break in a new engine once.

Off they go in the maiden voyage.  

Now we can get pictures of Shambala from the water side.


  1. I was going to suggest "Shambalita" for the dinghy. The big boat looks fantastic, and so does the little one!

  2. The boat looks like new. Or as they say in New York / Jersey: “ It looks much “ BETTER THAN NEW “ ”.
    All the refurbishing has certainly upgraded your new abode. Beautiful – First Class – Congratulations. Happy New Year. The kids look like they are really living it up.


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