Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back in the Water Again

Yesterday was our big day back in the water.  The travel lift came to pick us up early so we could go in at high tide.  The launching of the boat went perfect and it feels great to be back on the water again.

Looking out the port holes and seeing water instead of a metal building feels right.

The next step was cleaning the boat of all the grime and dirt that had built up over the years it was stored in the boat yard back in Port Clinton, OH.  The weather was warm and sunny and perfect for some deep cleaning.

Last night it rained all night and we found a few new leaks.  Maybe cleaning all of that dirt of the boat was not such a good thing after all?

We are in the process of figuring out our new wifi booster so for now we blog using the internet at the boat yard.  We should have the kinks worked out soon.

Enjoy the pictures of the big splash.

Starting at 8:30 AM we were off the boat and watching the travel lift work.  This time the kids made sure we remembered their water and food unlike the time we were pulled out onto the hard and forgot.  Oops! 

The launch is waiting for us and looks inviting.

Nick, the owner is on the left.  Bobby, next to the piling works with him.

Our empty spot next to the warehouse.

Mama gets to scrub the boat.

And Scrub.

And Scrub!

Paul works on the dinghy.

I think it is clean enough.

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  1. That is so cool :)

    I agree, maybe you should have left the dirt in place.


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