Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

We are getting ready for our big launch back into the water this Friday.  We have been here a month and we got a lot done.
The dinghy davits are installed.
We are finishing the installation of the wind generator and solar panels.
Our new main sail should be here tomorrow.
The bottom is painted.
The boot stripe is complete and now the top stripe is complete as of Christmas Eve (thank you, Bruce).
We still need to buff and wax the white part of the hull and do a few more odds and ends but we should be good to go on Friday morning. The dingy probably won't get paint before we launch but we can do that on the boat.
Bruce(the guy painting the stripe in the pics) repairs boats and has been working on a few in the yard. He has been very helpful and generous while we've been here. He even invited us to his home for a great Christmas dinner and he and is family gave the kids a bunch of gifts.  We feel very fortunate to have met the people we have so far on our journey.

Everyone in the boat yard is full of advice and being very helpful.  This kids are loving the time here but we are all ready to get back in the water and get south to where we don't have to run the heater at night.  

This is a good picture to see a before and after of the bottom paint.

Every once in a while the bottom of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned out.
Anyone need a big jar of dill pickles?

Getting prepped Christmas Eve for paint.

Finally finished the cross stitch stocking in time for Christmas Eve.

Santa was able to find the boat. Amazing!

Before we go back into the water we will perform the de-naming ceremony and then put on our new name Shambala.  The champagne is chilling as we speak.


  1. Hooray! Not having to run the heater ... that's big! I look forward to seeing Shambala on the side. Awesome.


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