Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Work? Or Fun.

Paul is in his element and having a great time building the dinghy.  We are trying to come up with a name for it.  In the meantime we are cleaning the window tint off of the portholes, riding bikes and going to the park.
Last night we had a night on the town.  We watched the boat parade of lights and then found an ice cream parlor.


Here is a series of pictures for the building of the dinghy and events of the past two days.

This is the beginning of the epoxy.  No Elmer's glue for this Dinghy.

The wood needed to be kept dry.

Here is one of the many portholes that used to be tinted and now just look bad.

Paul's little helper.  Captain Nicholas.

Boats from the parade.

First thing this morning.

In the meantime on the boat here is one of our clean portholes.

What an awesome helper. 


  1. Good God, Paul can build anything, can't he?

  2. This is truly admirable. I knew Paul had the ability. -- However if I see him start to carve the oars without a lathe using his Bowie knife I will give up. Pack it up and never brag about a thing I do the rest of my life. - He’s a survivor.


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