Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting ready

Today is a big day to pick up more essentials for the boat at West Marine. Hopefully we will have a working refrigerator by the end of today. Paul is going to focus on getting our diesel tank up and running first. The stove may take another few days as there is a lot more to do.
The kids are keeping busy with school in the mornings and errands or play parks in the afternoons. They also love to ride their bikes around the marina.
Today we are having a picnic on the boat.


  1. Look at the smiles on those beautiful faces.

  2. We've got your blog bookmarked so we'll keep tabs on you as you sail the open seas! Treasure every minute of this great adventure and safe travels my friend:)

  3. What a great adventure! Your Uncle Jerry Waylan and I have been friends for 50 years. Although I currently have a trawler, I have owned several sail boats over the years. I've chartered Morgan Out Islands many times. Also I have made the trip between New England (a little different point of departure) to the Chesapeake several times via the East River, down the Jersey Coast, up the Delaware, and through the canal to the Chesapeake. I assume you have good cruising guides. If you haven't found it yet, you might check out The Jersey Coast appears to have many safe harbors with easy entry. This is far from the truth. If there are any seas at all, most entrances quickly become impassable with breakers rolling across the entrances. The two relatively safe entrances are Atlantic City and Cape May. If your mast will clear under the bridge, the Cape May Canal is a much easier entrance to the Delaware river than transiting the mouth of the Delaware. Good luck, enjoy and get south safely to warmer weather. If I can ever help in any way you have my email. We live in Ft. Myers, FL. I keep my trawler at your Uncle's house in Cape Coral. Patrick Connor


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