Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oriental, NC for Boat Work

We arrived in Oriental, NC on Monday and had the boat hauled on Tuesday.  The main purpose for our visit was to repair the bearing on the propeller shaft.  It has quickly turned into other projects.
We painted the bottom where it was looking a little thin, repaired the keel where we bumped the ground a couple of times, then we cleaned out the bow thruster.  It is amazing the thing still worked with all the barnacles growing on it.  The kids helped clean out the thru-hulls that were almost completely blocked.  No wonder our bathroom sinks weren't draining well.

I was the lucky one to wash the outside of the boat while Paul repaired the bearing.  Washing a boat is similar to washing a car except you have to use harsher chemicals and a lot of protective gear.
Nicholas and Samantha kept busy playing in rock piles and their toys.

After a lone trip to the grocery store Paul got the idea it was time to repair our water tank which has had a hole in it since we bought the boat.  We replaced it with two 55 gallon bladders but one got a hole in it so had to be removed (that is a story for another time).  So we were down to 55 gallons which didn't seem to be enough to keep us more than a few days especially if we wanted to shower or not.
Bald Eagle on our way down the intra-coastal.

Just after getting hauled.

Nicholas is a big helper for Daddy.

This is the after shot of the bow thruster. 

Before much needed bottom paint. 

Before the boat wash.

After the boat wash.

The rudder had to come off so we could remove the propeller.  

The water tank prior to removal from the boat.

Water tank after the removal and prior to the cut needed so it could make it out the companion way.

Now we are still in the boat yard at their dock waiting for a new water tank.  This has sparked Paul into remodeling action.  He has grand plans for some boat work and paint.  I painted the V berth today and now have to find a place for the kids to sleep while it dries.  Nicholas and Paul are going to paint the bottom of the dingy today.  Samantha is the supervisor.

In the meantime we have met two other cruising families.  One family has already left going south on their way to Granada.  They are really cool people and we hope to catch up with them.
Another family has three kids about the same age as Sam and Nick and we are having a blast hanging with them at the park when we aren't working.

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