Thursday, November 14, 2013

Final Day in the Boatyard

We finally have a working water tank.  Yea!
While we waited for the tank we got a lot of other details on the boat and dingy accomplished.  Tomorrow we continue south, still unsure of our final destination.

Sail-Craft Services is a wonderful boatyard.  Everyone was extremely helpful and kind.
V berth half painted.

Final product.

Our spot on the dock at Sail-craft

Nick loves helping Daddy.   Here they paint the dinghy.

Oops! White paint in the hair.

White paint cut out of the hair, made possible by a small Hershey's chocolate bar.

Nick's first time in the engine room.  

Mama painting away.

Couple of nights it got below freezing.  We were grateful to be at a dock with shore power.

Sam and Nick enjoyed putting their berth back together.

Paul cut holes in the top of the tank to we can see inside and clean it easier.

Final product.

Our new friends on Refuge.  Sam with Fallon who also just turned 7.

The crew. Kai, Sam, Fallon, Nick and Kayden.

Everyone enjoyed their time together and we can't wait to meet up with Refuge again soon.

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