Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blasting South

We have been fortunate in many ways.  One of those is in the friends we meet. 
While visiting West Palm Beach earlier this year we met another cruising family.  Fortunately they live in Bar Harbor and invited us to take over their home with laundry, showers and lots of toys and play time for the kids.  We even had a pizza movie night which everyone enjoys (especially the adults).

This is everyone. Susanne, Dan, Martin, Maeve and Uncle Nate on the left.  Us on the right.
  We also have been fortunate to catch excellent weather for hiking in Acadia National Park. 

Now we are blasting south, hence the title of this post.  We are in Belfast, ME enjoying their cool library.  But, seems like more than just the library is "cool" a last night was a balmy 38 degrees F and tonight is an expected 41 degrees.  Brrrr!  We have the heater out and are going south.

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