Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hiking near Georgetown

Some people have wondered what we do to keep ourselves busy each day.  It is pretty easy to fill a day with a lot of activity here.  Across from Georgetown are some cool hiking trails that seem to go on forever.  The other side (the ocean side) of the island is not that far of a walk and is covered with shells at low tide.
The views are beautiful and the kids are keeping up.  One thing to watch for is low hanging branches from trees.  Ouch! They hurt when you get smacked right in the forehead.  Lucky for me that is where I head the ball during soccer so it didn't knock me out.
After a Kalik (pronounced "Click") the most wonderful Bahamian brewed beer, I was fully recovered.  Maybe it is the alcohol content or the salt water but we are all having great days that are full of fun.

Samantha can now do a forward summersault in the water after a week of being jealous of Nicholas for showing her up with his forward and backward summersaults.  Today she even did a head stand and found a Bahamian $1 bill down in the sand.  Talk about buried treasure.  There has been talk about using it to buy an ice cream when we get into town.

We are also busy cleaning up the boat to make sure our future guest (Quinn) will be extra comfortable.

More later....

Shambala is the third boat out in this picture.

We started out anchored near the Chat and Chill or otherwise known as Volleyball beach but have now moved to the  place pictured here called Monument beach.  It is the next beach down and the water is more calm fore sure. 

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