Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Atlantic City to Cape May, NJ

The trip from Manasquan to Atlantic City was cold but we made made it in earlier than expected because we were able to sail and motor.
There is nothing like getting off the boat from days with little to no heat and stepping into a nice hot outdoor jacuzzi on the roof of the Golden Nugget Casino/Hotel. We stayed at the marina next to the hotel and saw some damage on the dock from the hurricane. The damage doesn't seem to stop the casinos from being big and glamorous.
Today was a shorter travel day but still cold and windy. We are staying here for the next few days because of the Nor-Easter moving in. It is supposed to hit tomorrow but it already seems windy and cold. Could it possibly get worse? We will have to wait and see.


  1. I'm glad you're going to be safe - I was worried about the Nor'Easter.

    Be careful.

  2. Hi Staci, et al.,

    Congratulations on beginning to realize your dream! I am enjoying following along and was especially interested in the lock “culture”. Hope you stay just as safe during the Nor’Easter. I was surprised to find you in Atlantic City without any more info on NYC. Did you not get to visit the city? Probably a crazy place between the storm and election but oh so neat! Is there a way to email you? I clearly write too much for the public comment section—my first blog experience. Take care.


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