Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Holidays!

We've been land based now for over a month and have traveled all the way from Florida to Washington State to spend the holidays with family.


Snow ball fights!

As we get ready to become entrenched in land life again we look back on fond memories of our last few holidays on the boat.

BVIs to USVIs January 2016

First Family Photo 2016

Jost Van Dyke, Soggy Dollar Beach near Foxy's Old Years Celebration 2015-2016

Our plan is simple...

Keep life simple.

If it becomes hard then we need to re-evaluate.

Part of simple is going with a small community in SW Colorado as our new homestead.  There we plan to buy some property and look into alternative living along with fixing up our new boat HornPipe.

Stay tuned for new blogs to come.

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  1. Welcome back to CO!! Let us know if you are traveling through the Fort. We would love to see you and catch up. Or let us know when you are settled. Love, eileen


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