Saturday, July 18, 2015


Nevis was a wonderful small island with an awesome fresh market on Saturday AMs.  We didn't haggle on the price of all the fresh produce because we felt it was already priced so low.  We took home three bags of fresh fruits and vegetables for under $40 U.S.

The bus system there is similar to that in St Kitts.  We didn't take the bus anywhere on the island but got some good photos of different buses with there colorful names. 

We went back to St. kitts and ended up staying a whole extra week due to the blasting winds.  We stayed near Ballast Bay where we painted the dinghy, snorkeled and went to the beach. The anchorage was so calm compared to others we didn't mind sticking around.

The wind was changing so we went back to Nevis.  This time we anchored on the north side, Oualie Beach.  From there we hoped to get a better point of sail to Monserrat. 

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