Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Staniel Cay to the Jumentos Cays and Ragged Islands

The weather was settled, calm winds and little to no waves.  We decided now was our chance to make a big jump south.  We moved from Black Point back to Staniel Cay to get fuel.  In the morning we got up early to get to the fuel dock at 8:00 AM.  Someone beat us to it.  We waited for them to go have breakfast and come back and finally made it over for fuel about 9:00 AM which worked out well as the tide was just coming to slack.
After filling the diesel tank and getting dinghy gas we sailed and motor sailed to Coakley and Duck Cay.  It was a little scary coming in after dark but we anchored safely and had a night of some rolling and rocking.  The next morning we started out early and made it to Water Cay just after noon.  We spent two wonderful nights with almost no wind and no surge.  Paul speared us three awesom fish.  The first was a trigger fish, next a rock hind, and a final was a Nassau Grouper.  The last was HUGE.  We ate fish for the next two days.

The wind finally picked up and we were able make a big jump all the way to Hog Cay.  We had a very nice sail and only had to motor for the last hour of the trip.  To our surprise we were hailed on the radio by our friends Alibi II and Lost Marbles.  
The kids are happy to see friends, even through the friends are adults they still enjoy the attention. 

We took advantage of the nice weather and decided to go snorkeling.  As we were swimming around Paul noticed a Caribbean Reef shark.  Samantha immediately got out of the water, followed by me.  Nicholas wanted to stay and see the shark.  It swam with in 10 feet of Nicholas and Paul but seemed more curious than hungry.  Not sure if Nicholas is very brave, curious, or just plain crazy.  We love him just the same.
That same day we went to the beach for a potluck.  There were large hermit crabs running around and Nicholas couldn't help himself but pick one up.  Samantha, very motherly told him to not touch it, but again Nicholas being Mr. Curiosity couldn't help himself.  The crab pinched the end of his index finger so hard it took off part of his nail.  I think the pain was beyond his comprehension.  He didn't cry but couldn't catch his breath.  He went to sit by Paul then passed out.  It was a scary few seconds that seemed like minutes, then he woke back up.  With in the hour he was running and jumping around like nothing happened.  
The weather changed and a cold front moved in.  We are hanging out on the boat more now and spending time with our friends on their boats Alibi II and Lost Marbles.  We are anchored on the south side of Duncan Town, Ragged Island.  Maxine's Grocery store didn't have much on our first trip into town but had groceries flown in so we have made a couple of trips in.  I figure it to be over a mile walk to town so it is good exercise for us all.  We used the free wifi at the clinic across the street from her store.  
Yesterday we walked past her store to the school and passed the most interesting pigeon coop.  Birds of all kinds were living there.  Ones I've never seen before.  There was also a pet goat that followed us around and started to give the kids head butts when they stopped petting him.  We named him Gary the goat.  He was getting a little rough so walked away and he left us alone after that.
We are starting our return trip back to George Town today.  The trip back should be nice wind and weather so we can meet up with our friend coming next week.  We are so excited that my friend Kelly is coming to visit for over a week.  We plan on showing her the Exumas in style on Shambala!
Paul climbing a palm tree, with great effort, to grab a jelly coconut that turned out to
be dry inside.

The kids climbing a much easier tree on Hog Cay

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