Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marathon to Spanish Wells, Bahamas

We had a great motor/sail just under 48 hours from Marathon, FL to Spanish Wells, Bahamas.
We lifted anchor at 10:00 AM on Monday February 23rd near the 7 mile bridge and started going almost due east.  The seas were confused and it was like sailing in a washing machine.  The wind was out of the south but getting lighter and lighter as the day progressed.  We made it to the Gulf Stream before dark and enjoyed the calmer seas and increase in speed because of the stream.  We aimed the boat east but Traveled northeast because of the stream pushing us along.  South riding rock, Bahamas was easy to transit in the dark but I wished I could see it in the light to enjoy the crystal blue water.  The sun rose and we crossed the banks making it near Morgan's Bluff, Bahamas by dark.  From there we took our time crossing the Northwest Providence Channel so we would arrive at Spanish Wells, Bahamas by daylight.  We arrived on February 25th by 6:30 AM and tried to anchor and check in by dinghy.  Customs required us to come into a marina to check in which allowed us to celebrate with conch fritters, (of course) ice cream, and get our wifi SIM cards from the local Batellco tower.
Overall it was an easy crossing and we are all so excited to be here!

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