Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Work Continues

While I am working during the day Paul has been putting the kids to work.  We have finished the cover for the boat and are staying cool in the shade.  At least as much as we can in the Florida heat.  Next step is the Genoa.  Paul had to repair some of the sail cloth then he will sew a new sacrificial cover on it.  We are looking forward to it being done so we can go out for a sail.  Yea!

Amazing how useful trash can be :)

Paul did pay them with ice cream for their labor on the sail

We acquired a new to us mini-van.  Better air conditioning and the kids love the sliding doors.  The other car sold and we bought this new sweet ride for less than we sold the other for.  

Beach time with the ladies in the harbor.
Playing with friends in the harbor. 

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