Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Settling In

As I wait for my job to start we are getting to know the area.  We bought a new ride that is awesome.  No more hot walks to the grocery store.  We are riding in style.
This is our $1500 1997 Ford Explorer. Hopefully it will last until December. It only has 260,000 miles on it.
In the meantime it is boat projects galore. We've already installed some new fans and led lights. We have a bunch of fabric coming for new sail covers as well as a new fancy electric toilet for our forward head.  We are also waiting for fabric to build a sun shade that covers  the whole boat.  It will hopefully keep the boat 10 degrees cooler.  I will have to report more on that after we actually make it and have it installed.

Yesterday we re-bedded the mast collar that has been leaking since we bought the boat. A rain squall at 6:00 a.m. this morning tested it and our efforts appear to have worked. No more old sweat pants stuffed around the hole where the mast comes through the cabin.

We've gotten to know a few other families already and everyone is having fun.  Although some of the kids will be leaving soon there are some here for the summer like us.  Samantha and Nicholas have already made fast friends as have Paul and I.  It is wonderful to have a friend that works at West Marine.  Yea! For the discounts.

The beach isn't quite the same as those in the Bahamas but it's still good. Nicholas and Paul took the dinghy out to a reef 2 miles offshore and shot a nice hogfish for dinner.  Samantha and I enjoyed the beach sitting under the palm trees for shade.  The kids went into the water but the sand at the shore is is more like mud and mush.  I tried to brave it out and put on a good face while my feet got sucked into the surface of unknown gook.  Ugh!  We may not be going to the beach as much as I thought.

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  1. Glad you're getting settled in and making friends. We wish you were going down island with us; it would be more fun!


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