Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Highest Peak in the Exumas

We have been near Lee Stocking Island for a few days now waiting out some weather coming through.  In the meantime we have been having fun.
We had a big bon fire with our friends aboard Quartet, Baccaleiu, and Air Time.  We enjoyed fish, conch, and lobster caught by our on board fisherman and spear hunter Paul and of course marshmallows.  This island also boasts the highest peak in the Exuma island chain.
Elevation 123 feet.  And we climbed every one from sea level to the top. Yea!

Our plans as always are written in the sand and change as often as the wind direction.  Originally the plan was to keep heading south through the Caribbean.  We realize now that we do not want to rush through the island chain and we also do not want to deal with any hurricane force winds while there.  So our new plan is the head back to Florida and wait out hurricane season while finding work temporarily.  Then we will head back to cruise the Caribbean next winter.

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