Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nassau to Rose Island to Allen's Cay

We arrived safely in Allens Cay Sunday along with our friends on S/V Quartet.  The sail over was more motor than sail with the light breeze and it was hot.  No problem crossing the yellow banks because the coral heads were huge, easy to see and easy to avoid.

We have been enjoying the iguanas, the beach and the snorkeling.  We went to check out another beach and found our friends on S/V Perry.  Paul and Matt found some lobster for dinner and our kids had a little lego party.  4 peas in a pod, can't go wrong with Legos.

Since then we have met another boat named S/V Shamrock with kids the same age as Quartet's.  So the beach is full of kids and lots to do.

This is a very different experience than last year where we met only one or two boat families.  We are all enjoying our time aboard Shambala.

Last night was the first night of the storm system moving in.  We decided to stay here because this is a fairly safe anchorage with good holding in the sand.  There aren't many places to tuck in for weather so we are surrounded by boats.  If weather is coming in it seems to always happen between midnight and 3:00 AM.  Of course the first squall hit about 1:30 AM.  One boat dragged up onto iguana beach, another two went aground, S/V Shamrock almost dragged right out the channel to sea, and one boat anchored in a bad spot with two anchors got in the way of another boat as it was swinging on its anchor, then it dragged and nearly hit S/V Quartet.   They would not re-anchor their boat and kept arguing and blaming everyone else.  They finally moved, Whew!  Oh well.  After the first squall ended everyone was able to recover.

Today and tonight are supposed to also be a bit rough but right now the sun is shining.  This is a beautiful place.

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  1. Hello the sailors' family: I want to tell you that my husband follow your trip I would say many times a day.

    He is always happy to tell me what happens to you. If that there's people that understand what you are feeling, is us.

    Take care and have a nice Valentine Day. Big hugs to all of you. xoxoxoxo

    Grand-ma Denise


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