Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in NJ

We just left Cape May, NJ and as of today are in Atlantic City, NJ.  I can here live music of Tim McGraw coming from the Golden Nugget.  Paul claims it hurts his delicate ears but I love country music so am enjoying that he can't change the station.  We had fresh seafood for dinner the other night and then had the most wonderful NJ pizza.  Life is good. 
We plan to take in as much pizza as we can while here in NJ and NY.  This is the land of the best pie on earth.

Still working up the coast with little wind to help us.  The trade off is relatively calm seas.  We head to Barnegat, NJ tomorrow.  This will be a great place to celebrate my 41st birthday.  I still can't believe how time flies.  

We will have fun!

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