Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working up the east coast

We left St. Augustine intending to go all the way to Charleston, SC. Problem was my (Staci) new sea sickness medicine required an hour pre- trip time to activate. Mom always told me if all else fails read the directions. Well one hour too late. Oh well, there went dreams of Charleston. We stayed over in St. Catherine's then left the next day for Charleston.
The Charleston Harbor was extremely busy that Saturday morning. We came into the harbor before sunrise and were inundated with fishing boats heading out to sea. The harbor was so choppy we didn't dare try to dinghy anywhere so left the next day for Cape Fear.
What an appropriate name for this inlet. With wind against an outgoing tide we struggled in before daybreak to find a nice, peaceful anchorage in Southport, NC. Today we are in Wilmington and going to visit the big battleship tomorrow. We are all looking forward to our time. Pictures to follow soon.

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