Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Beatiful Keys

We are about 2 weeks in to our month stay in Marathon, Florida.  The weather is unbelievably warm and sunny almost every day.
Paul has been up the mast to change our anchor light and took some great photos and the kids are enjoying the beach, the library and especially fishing with Paul.

Here are some new pictures to enjoy.

This was taken from the mast of our boat.

Samantha and Froggy enjoy watching PBSKids.

The beginning of the bimini project.  Taping it into position for the patterning material.

Cutting out the fabric.

Then sewing it together.

We stay on the boat and enjoy the sunshine.

More sewing.

Almost done.  A few more adjustments.

DONE!!! Yea!!

We now feel like we have a whole new room added to our boat.  This bimini project turned out so nice we might try building a new dodger to match. 


  1. Those pictures Paul took are amazing! I'm not sure I'd do so well climbing up that mast; I kinda got dizzy thinking about it.

    You all look great, love you tons.

  2. Paul, it's great to see a guy who can drive a sewing machine!!! Awesome bimini. Let us know when/where is a good time to plan a trip to see you!!! Eileen

  3. Love keeping up with you guys via the blog. Enjoy all that sunshine and precious family time:)



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